David Leung (26) was born in Hong Kong in 1991 and raised in Grønland, Oslo with his parents. With his unique Chinese background, he has developed knowledge from his rich culture. David found his interest in Breakdance (Hip Hop) in 2005 where he met his first coach, Larry (Floorknights Crew). He has since been met with challenges along the way along with his life lessons which he has taken with him ever since.

In 2008, David got interested in choreography and thus started a new genre in dance. As he was doing choreography, he had new innovative ideas who he shared his artistry to everyone. He also has an interest in film and photography. In 2011, he started his dance career with DUO group together with Jan Erik Santos from Quick Style Studio. They have since worked together on The Quick Style team and Quick Style Studio as instructors. Because they kept DUO active, they've gotten opportunities to work with multiple artists, hold workshops, judging competitions and performing for several thousands of people both domestic and abroad. David can be described as a kind, funny and understandingly person. He makes other people feel very welcome and comfortable around themselves.