Diska Livia was born February 16, 1992 and grew up in Indonesia. In 1999, she moved to Singapore and then the United States with her family. In 2002, she moved with the family to Oslo, Norway. It wasn’t until she was in her teens that she found her passion for dance through her brother who was a b-boy. She began to dance within the Hip Hop genre in several locations throughout Oslo. It was then that she learned the fundamentals of Hip Hop in several dance studios across Oslo. In 2011, Diska started in the QuickStyle Studio founded by Quick Crew brothers. It was there where she honed in on her technique and with the help of Quick, she developed her own style. She has since taught there for several years. Diska has great interest in the artistry and dedicate time to differentiate herself from others. In 2012, she started to study while maintaining a harmonious balance between dance and school. While she studied, she was also an active leader of the group Aces Crew who have won the Measure Your Crew competition and became a finalist in a TV show Norwegian Talents. Aces Crew is today one of the most recognized female dance groups in Norway. In 2015, Diska received a Bachelor's degree in Developmental Studies. When she was finished, she decided to focus 100% on dance and go after her dream. Today you can find Diska challenging herself to break the mold of dance and breaking ground testing out new boundaries. She’s always trying to find new ways to master the artistry of dance by combining different styles like modern and Hip Hop into her dance. She aims to be original and bring something fresh and different. Diska continues to work hard toward her goal, dream and vision.