Djærika Buccat (23) was born and raised in a small town called Namsos. Since she was a little girl she had a big interest in dance and music. The dance community in Namsos wasn't big at the time, until she attended a hip hop dance workshop in Trondheim in 2009(2 hours from Nasmos). It was then she became very interested in dance and wanted to take dance more seriously. Later on she found out that there was a larger dance community in Oslo so she decided to commute from Namsos to Oslo several times to attend classes.
In 2010, she realized that she had to move to Oslo to pursue her passion for dance and to become a professional dancer. She moved to Oslo and continued to dance hip hop on a dance studio called The Vibe International and was part of a dance group called Vibers.
In 2011, she started at Fagerborg High School in Oslo and taught several dance styles such as contemporary, jazz and ballet. Djærika became more interested in contemporary and she developed her own style by mixing hip hop and contemporary togheter.
She continued to dance hip hop at Quick Style Studio and became one of the members of Aces Crew and Team Quick Style.
After high school, she started at Spin Off program in dance, ballet, modern and jazz where she participated in several dance projects.
Djærika currently lives in Oslo and works as a contemporary teacher and a leader for Quick Style Kompani. She continues to work hard and develope her own craft as she gets inspired in every areas in life and fuses it with her dance style.